February Update

It's been a quiet winter for The Dang Ps. In December, we sadly had to cancel several of our holiday shows due to Covid. Then, as we we often do in January, we took something of a break from social media and performing. But behind the scenes, we've been keeping busy!

Tamiko recently attended the Earthworks Songwriters Summit for Resilience, a retreat for musicians seeking—and seeking to share—messages of hope and rejuvenation. As the organizers write, "When artists can relax and restore their own wellspring of resilience, they are better able to then share with their own communities."

The rest of us in the band members have been keeping busy, too, rehearsing weekly and working on arranging new songs.

Tamiko and I have each found songwriting groups, where we've been honing our songwriting craft. These writing circles offer song prompts monthly, with every member writing their own new song. Then, we all give each other feedback and constructive criticism. We've each found our respective songwriting circles equal parts humbling and inspiring, nurturing and motivating.

And with all the new material we've been churning out, we're keeping Tim and Dan on their toes trying to learn new music and, in turn, helping us tighten up the new songs. "Too many songs" is a good kind of problem to have! 😜

But January has now come and gone, and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. We're crazy excited to get back to performing for all of you! We hope to see you at one or more of our upcoming shows. Come be our Valentines!
Peace and Love,


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