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Happy Earth Day, Folks!

In honor of Earth Day, The Dangling Participles duo of Tamiko Rothhorn and Austin Kaufmann and Dave & Kristi (Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis) perform Joni Mitchell's classic tune "Big Yellow Taxi" at the Trinity House Theatre in Livonia,…

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Come sleep through our show!

Rest with Music

The Rest with Music series offers hands down the most unique setting for listening to The Dangling Participles' music that you will ever experience.

The Details: 

The date: Monday, April 15th.
The time: Noon-1:00pm
The place: Abrams

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Solo Performance for Austin

Since joining up with Tamiko, Tim, and Dan, most of my musical energy has gone into playing with the band, and I really haven't played many solo shows.    But March 7th ends that drought because I'll be opening for the… Read more

February Update

It's been a quiet winter for The Dang Ps. In December, we sadly had to cancel several of our holiday shows due to Covid. Then, as we we often do in January, we took something of a break from social…

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