Come sleep through our show!

Rest with Music

The Rest with Music series offers hands down the most unique setting for listening to The Dangling Participles' music that you will ever experience.

The Details: 

The date: Monday, April 15th.
The time: Noon-1:00pm
The place: Abrams Planetarium on MSU's campus. 
The vibe: Chill. Super chill

Getting there: 

The address is 755 Science Rd, East Lansing, and the nearest visitor parking is in Ramp 1 (with Lot 39 also being relatively close).  


What to expect:

You'll enter the Planetarium between 11:50 and noon, and Planetarium staff will help guide you to the main viewing hall. You'll find a comfortable seat. (I recommend the center-rear seats for the best acoustics!). The host will introduce the band and the Rest with Music series at 12:10pm, and at that point, the doors will close and the lights will dim to near complete darkness, and the band will begin playing. In near darkness, the band will play about 45 minutes of some of our calmest music, frequently transitioning from song to song without ever stopping, to keep the continuous flow of music. Guests will be treated to an overhead planetarium night sky show. Guests are encouraged to relax fully, to meditate, to rest — even sleep. 

From the Rest with Music Website:

"Live music and relaxation under the stars."

Music is powerful. It can heal. It can calm. It can change our mood. MSU Health4U, Abrams Planetarium, and MSU Student Health Promotion and Prevention Services invite you to take an hour out of your month to listen and simply come and REST WITH MUSIC.

To learn more about Rest with Music, please read this recent State News feature article

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