The Dangling Participles

The Dangling Participles are a Lansing-based band with a diverse song set ranging from indie folk and Americana to jazz and pop. The band’s soulful vocals—shared by Tamiko Rothhorn and Austin Kaufmann—give the group its signature sound, rich in harmonies. Instrumentally, Kaufmann anchors the group on guitar, with Tamiko adding cornet and ukulele. Tim Patterson fills out the low end on bass and adds backing vocals. Dan Moreno rounds out the rhythm section on drums.

The band has been performing genre-hopping originals and covers throughout mid-Michigan since 2015. The Dang Ps (as their fans call them) pair their love for songwriting, harmonizing, and arranging with a lively on-stage experience. The quartet of Kaufmann, Rothhorn, Patterson, and Moreno has been together since 2017. In 2022, The Dangling Participles won the Lansing City Pulse newspaper's "Top of the Town" award for Best Folk Artist/Band.

They released their first full-length album, Present, in 2018. Local Spins website album reviewer Ricky Olmos (Grand Rapids) writes: “The Dangling Participles’ Present evokes sonic images of crowded back-alley speakeasies, smoky blues bars and exotic, faraway lands. At its heart, Present is a genre-spanning body of work, with an inclination toward acoustic-inspired songs.”

In December of 2022, the band released its sophomore album One More Drop. Of this new album, music journalist Lori Stratton (Ann Arbor) writes: “The Dangling Participles thoughtfully demonstrate authenticity throughout the 12 tracks on One More Drop, which features storied lyrics, infectious multi-part harmonies and vibrant folk-jazz instrumentation.”  And in his album review for the Local Spins website (Grand Rapids), reviewer Dutcher Snedeker writes, “[L]istening to this record feels like a burst of dopamine.”